It comes a time in every human beings life when they question their life’s purpose and ask themselves where they would like to see themselves in the next 5 to 10 years , most of you would likely want complete financial stability and probably a parade of cars and real estate homes at your disposal right? But we forget to ask ourselves who we would like to be in those 5 years to come.

Webster’s dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, so if you work toward your dream and accomplish your aim then that means you’ve succeeded but after achieving whatever material thing you worked so hard for, what next?

Why is it that the billionaires of the world continue inventing and working on project after project and never seem to be satisfied with whatever they’ve created? All of this comes down to the definition of true success.

What I have come to realize is that true success is inner peace. So instead of asking yourself where you would want to be in the next decade try asking yourself, who would you like to be? In order to achieve inner peace, you have to know yourself, your strengths and weakness and take the initiative to make yourself better every day.

By dealing with our bad habits and insecurities like procrastination and self-doubt, we create an environment of peace where as you work to fulfill your dreams not only will you have impacted positively on your life but also of the lives of others around you.

Because if you work with the intention of changing people’s lives for the better doors will open and your blessings will overflow immensely. May we remember to continue building our character and focus on impacting positively on people’s lives and not just fulfilling our own material desires.

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