There are lots of beautiful sites in Kenya but the most attractive sites of all are the coastal beaches. The beautiful white sand that comprise of the beach and the blue wavy saline water that keeps on drenching the white sand is such an amazing experience to behold not mentioning the cool breeze that refreshes the air and clears one of all the boredom moments bringing one into a lively world of its own.

It’s through these reasons that most of the people flock to the beaches on a daily basis. Beaches are such an ideal place for family hangouts, lovers treat and as well as daily evening and morning workouts. Kenyan beaches have been flocking with tourists from several corners of the world something that brings revenue to the country and strengthens our economy.

All these benefits we enjoy could soon disappear into thin air due to the irresponsible behavior of those people that visit the beaches. Of late one could easily mistake the beach for a dumpsite due to the littering of the beaches. Those who visit the beach dump their beverage plastic bottles and all sorts of containers after enjoying their snacks giving the beach an awful look.

Little do they know that this not only tampers with the beautiful, tranquil environment of the beach but also destroys the ecosystem of the marine creatures. The sandy beaches provide a habitat for the turtles to lay their eggs. Littering the beaches therefore denies the turtles a place to lay their eggs which means their reproduction is limited and sooner than later they will get extinct in Kenya. Littering the beach also contributes to polluting the ocean which leads to death of the fish and all marine creatures which provide a livelihood to the fishermen and food to the coastal people.

A lot of measures have to be put into place to ensure this vice comes to an end. The coastal counties in conjunction with the Kenya Maritime Authority and KWS should start initiatives to educate and create awareness among the coastal residents on the essence of keeping the beaches clean. Beach hotels should also emulate Serena Beach Hotel in Shanzu Mombasa for coming up with an initiative to secure a place for the sea turtles to lay their eggs and employing fishermen who were previously the turtle egg poachers to become the turtle nest protectors ensuring safety to the eggs until they hatch and are ready to go to the ocean.

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