Kilifi county being one of the counties in the country with the highest recorded number of teenage pregnancies, the residents of Kakoneni decided to take to the streets the campaign against this menace that kept robbing the future of their young girls.

On the 6th of November 2021, students from different schools in the surrounding area accompanied by their parents, villagers, and teachers with support from various Non-Profit Organizations like Caris Foundation, Inua Binti CBO, Imarika Foundation,  Fimbo CBO, and Pamoja Girls foundation.

The walk began at the Sosoni primary school where every person attending the seminar converged and joined the students in the march heading to the chief’s office in Kakoneni.

Upon arrival, the event commenced with uplifting music from the Awakening band to get people psyched up for the upcoming speeches from various heads of the non-profit organizations.

As the seminar continued with different people giving advice and lectures about sexual health and the roles of parents, the children also engaged themselves by giving public speeches explaining their side of the story when it comes to teenage pregnancies and what leads them to engage in premarital sex.

One of the reasons they gave was the lack of funds to acquire essential needs like sanitary towels, clothing, and food. Apart from just focusing on the prevention of early pregnancies, they advised the young mothers that they deserve a second chance to go back to school and finish their high school/primary education to achieve their life’s goals and acquire careers that can provide an income so that they can take care of their children and families.

After all the teachings and pieces of advice given, the youth were given directions on what to do when they have been sexually violated by anyone and some of the young mothers were enrolled in various programs that would be able to take care of them and their children.

Hopefully the rest of Kilifi County and the country at large will emulate the initiative the residents of Kakoneni took to march against the menace of early pregnancies.


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