How can I participate as a christian in building the church?

What have been your thoughts when it comes to be part of building the church? Did
your mind go straight to ‘ I know this will just be about money, yet I have nothing’
Get a breather…Team Amka hosted by Binti Umazi and Mc King’ori had an
interesting conversation about being part of building the church on the Amka na
Rafiki show that airs every Monday to Friday 6am – 10am , and had a privilege to
engage Sened Alex – a minister with Life Church International – all the way from
Limuru the City of Destiny and he had quite an eye and ear opening key things. This
is what he said….

There is only one church the one that Jesus came to build. He declares that He will
build His church and gates of hell will not prevail.
Mathew 16:18 I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build
my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
The word church in its root from Hebrew is “ecclesia” means summoned group"
(literally, "they who are called out") to manage the affairs of a city.
We must begin to see church beyond the gathering on Sundays. It is the church that
gathers on Sunday for fellowship. The structures we have raised are good but that’s
not the church we are the church.

So to build this church we need more than just a cheque; we need people sold out to
the cause of Christ. If people will do this they will offer themselves as the first
sacrifice to building of the church of God and their money will follow them to the
offering basket. Any of these efforts are important to the course of building the

1. Be available for fellowship.
Hebrews 10:25 encourages us not to neglect the gathering of brethren. You have been
born into the family of God and it is this family that gathers as a church in such places
God great rulings in the name of Christ can be made to affect you and the community

2. Consider one another in the eyes of love.
Our responsibility is to build up the church “the people’’ whether in business or
career or ministry we have a responsibility to present life. Unless we see one another
from the lenses of love we will not achieve anything. If we choose to love God and
His people we will always find a way to fix an issue around a brother or a sister over
just magnifying the issue. I will ask you is Life is what you have in Christ why waste
time on death?

3. Be a Good steward.
You have been given something by God. What you can do no one else can do. You
are qualified uniquely to handle something that some else cannot. To be a good
steward means that you fill the gap with your profession or calling. This serve to the
body of Christ will help build the church. Unless solutions are presented we lack
value even in the sight of men who do not know God. They will not desire our God.
Manage well what you have and its increase will be a blessing to the body of Christ.

4. Represent God well. Be distinguished.

Many of us in the faith including some on the pulpit have misrepresented God. No
one wants a god who is only jump started with money. The heart of the father is in
His people. If you have a heart like that of your Father then do not present Him as just
a money loving God. His first priority is souls represent Him as such this will draw
men to the places of gathering and nothing can be done when people do not have
unity of faith and purpose.

5. Serve whole heartedly.
You don’t need to ask a man where his heart is just look closely and see where he
spends his money. If you choose to serve God then do it whole heartedly, if not then
do not. It is either you are in it with your heart or out.
Luke 9:62 – And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and
looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.
Jesus hear does not say this man does not qualify He says He is not fit for the
Kingdom. You become kingdom fit when you do things out of your heart this is
where impact is born. This is where God trusts you to be solutions to a generation.
The one who has given himself/herself whole heartily to building the church of Christ
will not struggle to put His treasures where his/her heart is.
The issue of building the church is not a money issue. The one that stated the idea of
church has been able and always will be able to provide for a course that will glorify
Him but if we get caught up in the denominational dominion battle for power we lose
sight of God and the spirit of God exit because of strife. We may never achieve
anything significant for God.
There you go…it is not about your money contribution but the key things shared
above out of the 5 where are you at? Reflect, then pray and let God guide you in how
best you can be part of building the church.

Sened Alex is a minister with Life Church International – Limuru(The City of
Destiny). Founder of Proufalme Africa – with focus on Christian content in
multimedia design, production and events. He is a conference speaker with the
heart for empowering Christians and corporate leaders.
His burden for soul winning has seen him travel far and wide ministering the
good news in various conventions and outreaches. He is also an Author
‘Chapters’ and he is soon releasing another book.




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