GBV in Ganze: A minor nursing wounds after allegedly raped by her grandfather

A thirteen years old standard four school girl in Ganze is nursing serious rape trauma after her 67 years grand father allegedly raped her several times for two years consecutively.

The girl learning at Juhudi primary in Jaribuni Ganze constituency is said to have severally been raped with the grand father at the watch of her younger sister of five years while her grand mother was away from home.

The girl claim, her grand father first visited their room in the absence of their grand mother whom usually goes farming at Mariakani areas within the region and forced to sleep with her.

According to her, the grandpa first threatened to kill her if she declined his plea and  gradually grew his habits to visiting their room everytime they were left alone at home.

Sofia Fondo the wife to the grand father said, she came to learn of the ordeal when she returned home finding her grand daughter urinating like an elderly woman.

Ms Fondo said, she quickly enquired why from the grand daughter who told her of the several occassions at which she was severely raped by the grandfather.

Speaking with the press at Kilifi after taking the girl to Kilifi general hospital to access the situation, Ms Fondo said, the girl’s walking position had also changed from her normal one to walking sideways which prompoted her to report to the area village elder.

She said, the situation had grown worse when the grand father learned the wind of him being noticed to have raped her own grandchild and started issuing threats to the family and even beating up the girl.

Ms Fondo said, the condition of raoe has so far caused the girl to receive a very long menstruation that normal women receive which she said that might affect her health condition.

She said despite several reports to the areas chief and village elders they received no assistance until recently when they met a group of women activists against gender when they were now taken to report to the police at Bamba and after taken to hospital.

Kibibi Ali chairlady for Kilifi Mums Organisation and an activist expressed her diverstation against the increasing rate at which young girls were being raped by their relatives within the society.

Ms Ali called on the government to put stern measures towards such law offenders and even sugested be arrested, prosecuted and even castrated once found with rape offence.

Pameline Karisa another activist from the area said, they have received several cases but mostly no arrests are being made against such rape cases.

She said in several occassions activists and victims of rape ende up asled for bribes in police stations hence forcing them decline from following up the cases.

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