Theft is such a common crime in Kenya despite the fact that three quarters of the whole population are Christians. The bible clearly states that, “Thou shall not steal” in Exodus 20:15. May be this doesn’t apply to us the living since nowadays in Kenya it’s the dead who steal.

Ever wondered if the dead can steal? Well, nothing is impossible in Kenya. It’s only in Kenya where you will be puzzled with what the dead can do. Incidents such as ghost workers, dead people being employed and receiving salaries on monthly basis while the youths do suffer with the problem of unemployment. The recent incident of the dead transacting money from their bank account to another bank account belonging to a dead person has taken the entire nation aback.

In a rather shocking incident, four people were arraigned on Tuesday at The Milimani  Law Courts for defrauding innocent Kenyans through SIM swapping and using SIM cards of deceased people to steal. The four, Eugene Shivachi, Morris Koome, Eutycus  Mutembei, Jane Wacuka and Clara Davies were charged with stealing Ksh. 2.2 million from the family of the late Ngata using the SIM card of the late Rev.Kania.

Kenyan citizens are drunk with corruption and they thirst and hunger for wealth without lifting a muscle for the wealth. This has made them to no longer fear the dead and even go to an extent of using their name to steal from the government and the deceased family.

Kenya being a Christian country, the church has a lot of work to do. Pastors ought to go a notch higher in their administration of the holly message to their followers. It’s a high time they stop preaching about “kupanda mbegu” and concentrate on preparing their flock for the heavenly rewards upon the second advent of The Almighty God. The moral decadency in the country has risen highly to an extent that if nothing is done by the church then most Kenyans will see heaven, “KWA VIUSASA”.

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