We were humbled to host the United States Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter and his wife Victoria Ramatowski.

The couple had a chance to be on air in Changamka (a mid-morning show hosted by Jemimah Lauz mostly known as Smartphone). Kyle talked on the US general elections and BBI.

“For me the elections were difficult. I have failed nine elections myself. I have served as an MCA for 8 years and 10 years as a state senator. Everyone of those elections was difficult with challenges of its own. The tension in most cases is waiting for the results like for this one (2020 US elections) I am waiting for the results because you know am a political appointee,” McCarter said.

Station Manager gifting Kyle McCarter and his wife branded T-shirts.

When asked If he was disappointed, McCarter said he is not adding that he has fortunately been in the position for almost two years and if he will be able to continue that would be great and wonderful.

”It’s my decision or rather It’s not the decision of the United States to choose the pathways that Kenya goes down. Neither is it the choice of anyone from Kenya to chose which way US takes. US and myself respect what Kenya’s right to decide how they go forward. So it’s not our decision but what we encourage is that the decision be the voice of the Kenyans and not just the voice of thje politicians. Political parties should not hijack the whole process,” the ambasador said on BBI.


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