Police officers cautioned over facilitating Drug Barons

The government has cautioned security officers at the coast against facilitating drug vendors that everyone will be held responsible according to the law.
Coast region security Coordinator Bernard Lemparmarai pointed that some of his officers are now coordinating with drug dealers at the coast to ease their business.
“If you are a policeman and you are taking money from those herbless fellows, then there will be no distinction between you and the drug peddlers, you are a criminal, a thug and a killer of the children of this country, we will not spare you”, said Lemparmarai.
Lemparmarai’s statement comes as Mnarani residents in Kilifi accused police officers for facilitating drug trafficking in the area.
“They are killing our children through drugs in Kilifi, I wish I could suggest a punishment to such officers, we always convey meetings discussing the same issues but why do policemen allow ‘whites’ to continue with this illegal business in Kilifi!”, said Joyce Neema.
During the commemoration of the Worlds drug abuse day at Tononoka grounds in Mombasa on Tuesday, statistics illustrated that coastal counties are heavily affected by drug menace.

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