Make your Mark

Every person was created with a purpose. Every person was created with a special ability. But people mistake talent with skill. A talent is a special, general intelligence or ability to do something; a skill is made by the consistent hard work to perfect a talent. So many people live and die without achieving their purpose because they are either lazy, or give up easily.

Today, I would like to talk about working towards our true purpose. And by purpose I do not mean being successful in terms of making money, I mean making your mark in this world. Being ordinary is easy. For instance, go outside and search for a pigeon, it will not take long to spot two or three or even more but how often can you spot an eagle? Being unique is what makes a mark in this world.

Christians get inspired every day by ancient prophets and ministers of God like Paul, Abraham, Moses; these were ordinary people who chose to stand with the Lord through thick and thin so as to live their purposes and they have made marks that have been read for thousands of years, marks that have uplifted Christians and will uplift Christians for thousands of years.

Most people today want the easy life. What they do not know is that easy way out of life is what makes life hard, it is what makes most people depressed, makes people become addicts, and makes people have suicidal thoughts. God has not only created us in His own Image and Likeness, but also given us the power to choose our own destiny. It is for you to decide to get up and fight for what is meant to be yours, fight for your blessings, fight to make your mark.

Job was God’s faithful servant, that even in his weakest moment he still praised the Lord. His wife in Job 2:9 asked him to give up, curse God and die rather than keep suffering. But Job rebuked his wife and still thanked God rather than complain.

Well, for anyone unique, knowing the troubles Job went through, ought to just complain and mock the Lord because it is the easiest option. But Job decided to believe in the Lord and never gave up. His friends in Job 12, laughed at him and mocked him, but he set his focus on God because he knew that was the only strength he had. Similarly, in our way to success, through our darkest moments, the only thing you will see is your shadow. But it does not matter. If Job could do it, why can’t you? There is nothing impossible with the Lord, you just have to make the decision and make your move. Focus. Work harder. Never give up. Make your Mark!

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