A popular saying about love goes..Love is Blind..Is it?

Why? Because if love is blind then we will tend to block out the bad and focus on only the good which in some way living a lie…Are we living a lie then when we say Love Is Blind?

God is Love and He Loves Us..Does He love us blindly?

I do not think so..How so you ask?

Look if it were not for Him seeing our iniquities and focused on the good only (not sure if there was anything good…the truth is we did not have any good) then there would be no need of having His Son Jesus Christ die on the Cross on our behalf..But because we were dead in sin(Romans 5:8), and even not aware that we had drifted away from Him, He let His Son Jesus Christ, His Only Son to die on the Cross for us(John 3:16). He paid a price a hefty debt for each and every one of us because of love. This is the Love that covered our multitude of sins…yes (1st Peter 4:8). True Love is not blind love

Love cannot afford to be blind…

True love seeks to point out what ails the heart for it to heal.

True Love seeks to speak where there is a wrong for it to be corrected therefore avoid the consequence that comes when that is hidden.

Look at the doctors, for them to treat a disease, they carry out a diagnosis of course with the symptoms, some have to do further examination like scans, and so forth. Once they put a finger to the ailment they seek to get it treated for good and not recur.

Without pointing out the ailment, the disease becomes a death threat. An untreated wound is dangerous, it can lead to amputation. So is loving blindly.

True love is allowing the light to shine so brightly in our dark lives, in our weaknesses thus cause us make a turn around on how we live and the things that we do that if brought to light will cause a not so good reaction.

True Love is looking into a brothers/sisters eye and genuinely point out the issue for their good and not judgment.

True love does not embarrass but seeks to help in yet not making a scene about it. (1st Corinthians 13)

We need not to love blindly but seek to love like God loved us. God saw what our ailment was and sought to cover our multitude of sins through His Son Jesus Christ. Let Love prevail in its truest form; the Love of Christ on the Cross.





The Greatest is #LOVE

Nakupenda sanaaaa!

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