Fight , keep fighting till you win

Life is a series of battles. We are soldiers with different abilities as our amours. Every day is a day of war. The temptations, the breakdowns, undisciplined lifestyles, betrayals; these are all battles. But so many people do not realize these daily wars that the devil throws at us.

99% of the human race is running after the same things, money, clout, perfect spouse, and perfect family. This distracts them. So many people have not yet realized the war that is going on every day. People are so distracted by the worldly things, they forget about their purpose.

Sit down one day and meditate on the Bible stories of God’s people like Paul, John the Baptist, the twelve disciples, and even Christ Himself; meditate on how these people were dedicated in uplifting people despite certain challenges around them. That’s what life is about. When you know the enemy and differentiate it from your fellow fighters and uplift each other to fight the common enemy, life becomes easier. 

The devil, who is the common enemy, tries to distract us every single day with our weaknesses. Just like God, he knows your desires, and he uses them against you. He knows it is human to crave for riches, that’s why he tried to trick Christ in Matthew 4: 8 to bow before him and he would give him all the riches in the world. But Christ knew this was just temporary and a better award awaited Him beside God, His Father. So many people today have sold their souls to the devil for riches that are temporary. People worship power, money, and fame. Proverbs 28:20 quotes that,” Faithful people (to God) will lead a full, happy life. But if you are in a hurry to get rich, you are going to be punished”

Some think that once they are born again, their war is over. But life is a series of battle after battle. The only time you stop fighting is when you are out of breathe. Life always changes, one moment you could be happy, the next you are too sick to stand, one moment you have all the money you want, the next you are bankrupt.

You know what is constant? The strength you gain in the Lord after every war you fight, whether you win or fail. Victory is won failure after failure, as long as you never give up. You might be struggling with addiction, bad temper, lack of self-control; and you may feel like you keep losing to it every time you try. But don’t give up. Brush off the dust and try again.

Keep trying until you win because a priceless award awaits you beside your Father in Heaven. Every time you are about to give in, remember that the Lord has already prepared a place for you so keep fighting.  

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