EACC arrests a rogue imposter

Ethics and Anti Corruption officers from Upper Coast Region, Malindi, have today successfully arrested a man alleged to impersonate as an Ethics and Anti Corruption officer within the region.

Speaking with journalists in Kilifi County, EACC Upper Coast Region manager, Gichangi Njiru has said that the decision to effect arrest against the man came after his office received several complaints concerning the man.

“Our EACC office in Malindi has received several complaints in regard to some persons who have been impersonating themselves as officers of the Commission. I want to confirm that this morning we have been able to arrest one impersonator by the name Olonde. I would like to issue a warning to the other remaining impersonators that the writing is very clear on the wall, your days are numbered and we are coming for you.” Said Gichangi.

The man has been frustrating the traffic police, County government officers as well as those from the National Government alleging that he was an EACC officer.

According to Kilifi County residents, the man has also been impersonating as the Region’s Police County Commissioner and that he has been terrorizing them for a while now.

“This man does not work, he even lied to us that he is the Commissioner of Police in the Coast region, no one enters his compound, he also threatened that no one can dare take action against him”

The man who was identified as Charles Olonde was arrested by the EACC officers and is currently being interrogated.

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