Delays, Here is the ANSWER, No Worries

Brothers and Sisters, Listen, in this life don’t let anything intimidate you, for he who owns you is a Sovereign King of Kings, Lord of Lords, God of gods and owner of the whole world and He knows you by NAME, he knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb.

He is the only one that has good plans for you, plans to give you a future and hope. He really loves you so much that He had to send His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for you on the cross to be able to liberate you from the sins of this world. That’s the only definition of true love. Nothing of this world or even in Heaven loves you more than the way GOD does.

Don’t get limited on the pain, worries, sickness or bad mood for in Jeremiah 29:11-13 he promises of the good plans he has for you, to prosper you and not harm you but plans to give you hope and future and this is when you go on your knees, call and pray on him, he will listen, ONLY if you seek him with all your heart.

Take an example of a HEN protecting its chick from an eagle, before they take refuge under it’s wings they alert their mother of impending danger, that is they have trust right by calling on their mother? Well, Reflect your faith brethren, and keep this before any problem poking it’s weak jaws to you.

You have an option of making a direct call to God, put Him first in everything you do and I promise you will never go astray for the word says,….. ‘’I can do all this through him who gives me strength.’’ Philippians 4:13. Be blessed and as you wait on God to answer your PRAYERS.

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